Project SUAKIN (Total Workforce Model)


In November 2013, Mr Stuart Robert, MP, the Assistant Minister for Defence and ACM Mark Binskin, then as Acting CDF, launched Project Suakin.

The project, which had been under development for several years, aims to improve the ADF’s ability to respond to current and future workforce challenges, as well as changes in the security environment and the economy by giving it a more flexible workforce structure.

Project SUAKIN - aims to improve the ADF’s ability to respond to current and future workforce challengesSuakin will achieve this outcome through the Total Workforce Model (TWM) that will provide flexible career pathways, matching remuneration and benefits with capability delivered, enhanced workforce flexibility, simplified processes and helping to build an organisational culture that is more accepting of flexibility.

The TWM is a tri-Service management framework with a range of full and part-time service arrangements across the permanent and reserve workforce components as well as Australian Public Service personnel assigned to operations. The service arrangements comprise seven Service Categories (SERCATs) and two Service Options (SERVOPs).

The SERCAT concept groups members into like service arrangements that share mutual obligations and conditions of service. For example, full-time permanent members will be categorised SERCAT 7, Standby Reserve will be categorised SERCAT 2. SERVOPs will group certain SERCAT members where differentiated arrangements are needed to provide capability. A common example of a SERVOP is continuous full-time service.

Supporting the TWM is ForceNet, a new communication tool which is a secure UNCLASSIFIED ePortal accessible through the Internet. ForcNet will assist reserve members to identify job opportunities, access their personnel data records, and stay connected with their colleagues.

The TWM has the support of the Chiefs of Services Committee and is being incrementally implemented by each of the Services. More detailed information can be acquired by visiting and

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