2023 Chief of Air Force Symposium on 27 February 2023

Concurrent with the Australian International Airshow being held at Avalon (Victoria), the Chief of Air Force is conducting a symposium to address a topical aspect of air power.

Members with an interest in the future of Australia's defence, in particular air power, may wish to register for virtual attendance at this prestigious event.

The details for virtual attendance at the this year's CAF Symposium are as follows:

1. Registration is now open for virtual attendance at the 2023 Chief of Air Force Symposium being held on 27 February 2023.

2. The theme of the 2023 Symposium is: 'Ready to Launch: Boosting Capability Delivery'. Chief of Air Force is pleased to announce that there will be addresses from Air Marshal Edward Stringer (Royal Air Force, retired) on Agile capability delivery as an aspect of national power and panel discussions on boosting capability development and delivery, boosting sovereign sustainable aviation fuel capacity and boosting space capabilities.

3. Virtual attendance to the CAF Symposium is open to personnel who are interested in understanding how militaries need to increase their capacity to rapidly assess and deliver emerging capabilities while they offer meaningful advantage.

4. The CAF Symposium will commence Monday 27 February at 0900 (AEDT) and conclude at 1600.

5. All individuals wishing to virtually attend the CAF Symposium must register via the AIA23 Chief of Symposium Virtual Attendee Registration link found here:

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