YouSaid - Reserves

YouSaid - Reserves February 2017

A snapshot from the February 2017 YourSay Reserves survey.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the February 2017 YourSay Reserves survey. A total of 7770 ADF Reserve members responded and in doing so, these participants provided comprehensive insights into the views of Reserve service which will inform workforce reform, people policies, programs and services for the benefit of all ADF members.

The 2 page summary covers:

  • Pride in the ADF,
  • Job Engagement & Identification,
  • Health & Wellbeing,
  • Reasons for Joining & Staying,
  • Leadership & Management,
  • Career & Operational Service, and
  • Sample Summary

The sample comprised of 59% Army, 22% Navy, and 19% Air Force. Of those who indicated their Service Spectrum, 51% were SERCAT 5, 4% SERCAT 4, 22% SERCAT 3, and 23% SERCAT 2. Over 1,500 responded that they did not know their Service Category indicating more individual communication about the application of the Total Workforce Model is required.

Download the file here:

YouSaid - Reserves Feb 2017 - Published Files AG1456 080 2017 1

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