Conference 2017

The 2017 DRA Conference was held on Saturday 19 August 2017 at The Comfort Inn Airport International, Queanbeyan East NSW.


Reserve Forces – Opportunity to Improve Capability

The program for the 2017 Conference with links to presentations


Government position on opportunities for the Reserve Forces to improve ADF capability

Our Reserves are an essential part of our ADF capability. Their contribution is significant, their numbers are significant. I note we have 38,000 Reservists on the books in different capacities including 733 undertaking full-time service. For those of you in the room who have contributed to our nation in a Reserve capacity, thank you. Let’s start by acknowledging the important roles Reservists make to the ADF across all three Services. We can then talk to some exciting initiatives that will enable growth in Reserve capability.


Opposition Position on opportunities for the Reserve Forces to improve ADF capability

I had ADF Reserves as part of my Defence portfolio responsibilities in my first term and it is great to see so many people here who have kept their involvement up over the years - it’s an outstanding example of the general citizen’s support for our men and women in uniform.


Australian Army Reserve Transformation - A total force

Lieutenant General Angus Campbell AO DSC, Chief of Army's Conference address.

The history of the Australian Army is one of citizen soldiers serving alongside each other, in full time and part time service. Over the 116 year history of the Australian Army, the components of our Army have had various names: Militia, ‘permanent’ forces, the First and Second Australian Imperial Forces, Citizen Military Forces and ‘Regular’ Army to name just a few. For more than half our history, part time soldiers made up the bulk of our force; serving, sacrificing and contributing to the development of our proud record.


The role of DVA in providing assistance to Reservists

The DVA budget for 2017/18 is $11.3 billion of which $5.9 billion is allocated to income support and compensation and $4.9 billion is allocated to Health services. There are an estimated 320,000 veterans of whom about 50% are DVA clients, and of some of these clients are Reservists.


Current and Forecast Issues / Initiatives Affecting the ADF Reserves

Defence’s Reserve and Youth Division (RYD) has undergone significant changes in the past six months, including a change of name from Cadet, Reserve and Employer Support Division. However its important roles and functions in support of ADF Reservists have not been altered or diminished.


Army Reserve Initiatives and Report on the ABCA Conference

In this presentation BRIG Michael Annett CSC, Director General Reserves - Army,  discusses some key initiatives that are being implemented within the Army Reserve and also reports on the ABCANZ Reserve Conference