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Terms of Reference – Royal Commission into Defence and Veterans’ Suicides

The Defence Reserves Association (DRA), which is a joint organisation, is the only advocacy group specifically representing Defence Reservists and our position is that the Australian Government has failed to take appropriate measures to enhance the health and wellbeing of all Reservists.

As such the DRA considers that the Terms of Reference of the proposed Royal Commission into Defence and Veterans’ Suicides should be broadened to include Reservists who have had lengthy periods of service in the ADF, but have not been required or given an opportunity to undertake any period of permanent service (which would have entitled them to apply for a White Card).


 DRA 2020 National Online Conference

Quo Vadis – An Integrated Future

The 2020 Defence Reserves Association (DRA) National Conference is a tri-service all ranks conference that, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, will be held via video presentations and addressed by a panel of distinguished speakers including:
- Government Defence speaker
- Opposition Defence speaker
- Senior Officers of the Australian Defence Force (ADF)
- Leading commentators on Defence matters


Date From : Sat Nov 7, 2020 : 09:00
Date To : Sat Nov 28, 2020 : 17:00


Veterans’ Covenant, Veteran Card, Lapel Pin and ADF Reserves

With some limited exceptions, a different Lapel Pin, but no Veteran Card is being provided by DVA to ADF Reservists who have not had a period of full-time service.
The decision to introduce a different Lapel Pin and no Veteran Card to ADF Reservists who have had no period of full-time service was taken without the considered consultation such a decision warrants. At no time was the DRA consulted or asked for its opinion.


DVA focus on the Welfare of Special Forces members impacted by Afghanistan Inquiry

DVA sends a letter to the DRA outlining the support they are providing to any veterans or their family members who may be concerned or impacted by the Afghanistan Inquiry or its findings. 


The Australian Reservist - Issue 33

This issue contains:
- Chaplaincy with Army Cadets
- Maritime Component Command - Exercise Talisman Sabre - 2019
- The Origin of the RFD and RFM
- 2019 Colonel Jim Wood, MURA Travel Scholarship
- VALE Colonel Graham John Montague Farley
- VALE Lieutenant Colonel Richard (Dick) Cook
- Key Presentations from the 2019 DRA National Conference


ADSO writes an open letter to the PM

ADSO writes an open letter to the Prime Minister with the question ”Why is the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC) excluded from the Royal Commmission?"


Naval Reservists to play greater role in RAN future force

The Naval Reserve is to play an increasing role in supporting Navy to ‘fight and win at sea’ as the RAN develops the structures to grow its future workforce. Plans are underway to further integrate the part-time and full-time elements of the Navy with a clear focus on meeting Navy’s current and future requirements.


Changes to Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001

The amendments to the Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001 came into effect on 27 Nov 2017.

The changes to the Act relate to the following areas:

- Protection against discrimination
- Employment protection
- Partnership protection
- Education protection
- Financial liability and bankruptcy protection
- Enforcement of the Act and remedies that are available.


DRA President's report - September 2017

“Reserve Forces - Opportunity to Improve Capability of the ADF” was the theme of the 2017 Defence Reserves Association (DRA) National Conference held on Saturday 19 August 2017 at the Comfort Inn Airport International at Queanbeyan. The aim of the Conference was to discuss the crucial issues affecting the ability of the Reserve Forces to improve the capability of the ADF.


Australian Army Reserve transformation - A total force

Address to the Defence Reserves Association Conference 2017, Queanbeyan, Saturday 19 August 2017 by Lieutenant General Angus Campbell AO DSC, Chief of Army


YouSaid - Reserves

A snapshot from the February 2017 YourSay Reserves survey

Thank you to everyone who participated in the February 2017 YourSay Reserves survey. A total of 7770 ADF Reserve members responded and in doing so, these participants provided comprehensive insights into the views of Reserve service which will inform workforce reform, people policies, programs and services for the benefit of all ADF members.


Formation of 9th Regiment Royal Australian Artillery

Chief of Army, Lieutenant General AJ Campbell DSC, AM has approved the raising of a new Artillery Regimental Headquarters to command the 2nd/10th, 3rd, 5th/llth, 6th/13th' 7th and 23rd Light Batteries.


Dominion Yachtsmen Scheme

On Thursday, 4 May, a plaque dedication ceremony was held at the Australian War Memorial to honour the little known Dominion Yachtsmen Scheme. They volunteered for duty in the darkest days of 1940 when the Admiralty called on the Dominions for men to serve in the Royal Navy. The plaque dedicated at the Australian War Memorial is a significant step in telling their story, a small band of men from Australia who did us and their service proud, and of whom we are proud.


Minister Responds to DRA on Reservists who Served in the Solomon Islands eligibility for NLHC

The Hon Dan Tehan MP, Minister for Veteran Affairs & Minister for Defence Personnel, responds on 14 April 2017 to MAJGEN Barry of the Defence Reserves Association regarding the eligibility of Reservists who had served in the Solomon Islands for Non-Liability Health Care (NLHC).


DRA's Report to the DRSC National Meeting 5 May 2017

DRA President MAJGEN Paul Irving's report to the May 2017 meeting of the Defence Reserves Support Council (DRSC)


The Australian Reservist - Issue 27

This issue contains: Army Reserve Innovation - LTCOL John Molnar, Training the Millennials - CPL Tim Scully, Reservists Lead Creation of On-Line News Programme - SQNLDR Deanna Nott, An Anaesthetist on Active Service - CAPT James Hook, The Community of Veterans - COL Marcus Fielding, The Effects of Economic Rationalism on the Reserve - SQNLDR Alan Lyons, VALE Lieutentant Colonel Edward Lynes, and selected presentations from the 2016 DRA National Conference.


DRSC Supportive Employer Program

This is a National initiative being run out of Canberra by DRSC and Head Cadets Reserves & Employer Support Division. The following link provides information on the Supportive Employer Programme: