Who Belongs to the DRA ?

The DRA membership comprises serving and former permanent and reserve Defence Force members together with members of the community interested in defence matters. In addition, reciprocal membership is encouraged with corps, regimental and unit organisations and groups whose members wish to be involved in the ongoing defence debate particularly in matters relating to and involving the Defence Reserves.

What is the place of the DRA in the defence debate?

The DRA is keenly interested in fostering the involvement of the Australian community in all aspects of the defence of the nation. The recent upsurge in community interest in the defence debate has highlighted the significant lack of information available. This situation has severely limited the understanding of defence matters within the community and has restricted the standard of debate. The National Defence Budget is of such significance that informed community is imperative so that the Federal Government can properly translate the aspirations of the Australian community into a comprehensive defence policy.

The Defence Reserves contribute approximately 40% of the defence manpower resources and the DRA aspires to contribute a defence viewpoint that represents this significant Australian Defence Force element.

What influence does the DRA have on Defence Policy regarding Reservists ?

In order that the view of the DRA is recognised, regular meetings with politicians and senior Defence Department representatives are initiated by the National Executive. Matters concerning Defence Reservists that occur from time to time are followed up in correspondence with relevant authorities including the Minister and the Parliamentary Secretary. Submissions are made to all Government Enquiries and Committees that are concerned with Defence Reserves matters. The extent of DRA influence cannot be quantified but feedback received indicates that the views and recommendations of the DRA are always sought where appropriate and carefully considered.

How does the DRA represent the interests of Reservists ?

The DRA seeks to provide a forum within which the aspects of defence policy development that effect the Reserve are analysed, argued and discussed in order that recommendations can emerge. Regular meetings are sought with individuals concerned with shaping the Reserves and with the place of Reserves in Force development so that these views can be expressed. The opportunity of face to face discussions with Government and Opposition members are taken up, and meetings with senior uniformed officers are often held. The policies of the DRA have been developed over many years and are updated and distributed to senior Defence Department officers and Parliamentary representatives.

How can individual members contribute to the work of the DRA ?

DRA members are encouraged to contribute to the work of the Association by supporting the views and positions expressed by the National Executive. In addition, State committees welcome new members to assist with the running of branch activities, and in the provision of local input into DRA Policy development. Monetary contributions and members subscriptions enable the association to continue the vital national representation of Defence Reserves matters.

Are financial contributions to the DRA tax deductible and is the DRA registered for GST ?

Financial contributions to the DRA are not tax deductable.