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Defence Legislation Amendment (Discipline Reform) Bill 2021

A recent review of the ADF’s discipline system found that the current summary discipline system is overly complex, difficult to use, unresponsive and characterised by excessive delay because of its complexity.

A Bill to reform the ADF’s military discipline system was introduced into Parliament on 12 August 2021.


Support for Veterans and their Families

From the DRA President 18 August 2021.

Many of you have been watching the distressing scenes in Afghanistan and the similarity of these scenes with those from the downfall of Saigon in South Vietnam in 1975.

We need to be mindful of the frustration and despair that many of our veterans who served in Afghanistan and in Vietnam will feel at this time.


DRA 2021 National Conference - Outcomes

DRA 2021 National Conference - Adelaide

"If you want peace, prepare for war: the contingent role and tasks for the ADF Reserves"

The conference program provided optimal opportunities to discuss what the Government would demand from the Reserves in preparing for war; how this would be achieved by the ADF; where, in terms of role and tasks, the Government and ADF might employ the Reserves; and, when, in terms of the mobilisation process, the Reserves are likely to be deployed?


Royal Commission

The DRA considers that the Terms of Reference of the proposed Royal Commission into Defence and Veterans’ Suicides should be broadened.


Remembering Them

A new free App and website - "Remembering Them" now offers a comprehensive record of Australia’s war heritage sites available to all Australians at the click of a button.