The ADF as a Total Force - 'Not Just Rhetoric'

Presented by Major General Natasha Fox, Head People Capability Group, Defence People Group

This presentation provides an overview of how the ADF is evolving as a Total Force.

Australian Defence Force – Reserve Demographics

ADF demographics are shown in figure 1

The Reserve Work Force locations are shown in figure 2

Reserve demographics are shown in figure 3

The Total Workforce Model – Service Spectrum is shown in figure 4

The Need for Reform
The latest imperative with in Defence is the Force Structure Plan .New capabilities require new skill sets – and increased security clearances. The Recruiting base is not increasing and competition for the best people remains fierce. Growth assumes improved retention. Current ‘separation’ rates from Permanent Force and recruiting performance in some areas present challenges. Reservists are key - supporting their Permanent Force colleagues and providing capability to commanders. 

Australia’s Population Changing Age Structure
Our target age pool (18-24) is declining as a proportion of the total population and developing the Naval Shipbuilding workforce.

The Means – One Defence
This is a ‘Whole of Defence’ approach. A First Principles Review – is examining efficiencies, particularly in regard to – policy, process and systems support.

Pathway to Change requires workforce agility and flexibility, including the option of Dual-employment (SERVOP D). This requires Defence to partner with industry to build sovereign capability and capacity.

The Means - Embedding a Flexible Service Culture (EFSC)
Optimise application of TWM across the Services and Joint/non-Service Groups
   Address Year 0 baseline evaluation findings
   Focus on ‘upskilling’ COs and career managers
   Raising awareness across the board

Structural reform
   Particularly SERCAT 3 - establishment of ‘contingent capability’ pools
   Better use of ForceNet functionality
   More efficient use of military employees expenses

Services' Initiatives
   Navy Future Workforce Branch (established on 1 Jul 19)
   Navy Recruiting, Retention and Transition Directorate (established on 1 Aug 19)
   Project Verto (NPCMA structural and cultural reform)

   Army Personnel Capability Strategy (presented to CASAC Aug 19);
   CA Tasking Directive (Jul 19) and Forces Commander Directive – Retention and Growth within FORCOMD (Jun 19)

Air Force
   Reserve Branch to be subsumed by PERS-AF Branch (2019), with a single career management cycle;
   Identification of musterings suited to part-time service in Reserve SERCATs and transfers between SERCATs FY18/19

Closure of Project Suakin
COSC to consider closure report 15 Oct 19. The report will detail achievements and ‘residual’ tasks which include:Revised (standardised) processes for ‘on-boarding’ Reservists; More efficient use of military employees expense and continuing cultural reform in the Services. Workforce Planning Branch to assume responsibility for maintenance of the TWM.

Defence and DVA connectivity
DVA Early Engagement Initiative now includes Reservists.
Information on Reserve members will be provided to DVA when joining and when member leaves the ADF.

ADF Transition Transformation
Figure 5 shows the planned transition

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