Defence Reserves Support Council

What does the Defence Reserves Support Council Do?

The Defence Reserves Support Council (DRSC) liaises with key interest groups from which Reservists are drawn. It does this by linking the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and representatives from the three tiers of Government, employers and peak industry and community groups through membership of the council.  The ADF and representatives from the above organisations work together to achieve the aims of the DRSC: primarily to enhance the availability of Reservists to attend Reserve training.

Through activities, such as Exercise Executive Stretch; the Prince of Wales Awards; and the Employer Support Awards, the DRSC increases the profile and appeal of Reservists to employers and the general community.

The role and structure of the DRSC has been augmented as a result of the implementation of Reserves enhancement initiatives. It has a National Council and Executive to develop and promote Reserve policies and programs that improve the availability of Reservists to the ADF.  The Defence Reserves Association is a member of the Council at both the National and State committee levels.

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