Naval Reserve Roots & Branch Review

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RADM Mike Van BalenDeputy Chief of Navy RADM Mike Van Balen has initiated a comprehensive review of the structure, size, roles and management of the Royal Australian Naval Reserve.

The Review to be completed by June 2016 and the terms of reference are wide ranging across all matters affecting Navy Reservists and their role in the RAN.

The review team will be headed by CAPT Frank Kresse RANR.  Key players in the review will be Director General Navy Cadets and Reserves CDRE Bruce Kafer and CAPT Harry Lok, both of whom recently attended the DRA 2015 Conference in Sydney.

The DRA welcomes the Review following concerns expressed in the 2011 DRA paper on the status and way ahead for the Naval Reserve (“the Lukaitis paper”).

The DRA will have the opportunity to make a fulsome submission to the Review team.

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